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Smart Gardening

Ingenious gardening solutions

Smart Gardening | AL-KO ingenious gardening solutions

The AL-KO Smart Garden: Our Mission to keep your garden looking fabulous

Sophisticated and intelligent solutions that will make tending to your garden a breeze.

Having your own garden is for many people an indicator of quality of life, since it provides a retreat away from the stress of everyday life. Gardening brings a lot of joy to many, especially when it's made more and more effortless through the use of intelligent solutions. This is precisely the vision embodied by our Smart Garden concept – to maintain your garden in all of its splendour whilst preserving the joy of gardening itself and eliminating unnecessary effort. Right from the beginning, we have developed our gardening tools with a high degree of care, creativity and technical perfectionism, making sure to anticipate the needs of users ahead of time. Now, with the AL-KO Smart Garden, we are going a step further, combining our sophisticated gardening tools with intelligent, wide-reaching solutions for keeping your garden looking its best.

With the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden app and our Smart Cloud, for example, you can optimise tasks, automate routines to suit your preferences, manage devices such as the Robolinho® W from anywhere, and get useful information relating to your devices and your garden. This saves not only effort and resources, but also your valuable time. In the following pages we will go through exactly how it works. For keeping your garden at its best, there's no smarter solution.

Simply smart gardening with the Robolinho® W

Achieve the perfect garden in 3 steps

Smart Gardening | Smart Gardening with the AL-KO Robolinho

1. Download the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden app and launch the machine connection wizard.

2. Personalise your Robolinho®.

3. Enter your WiFi details to establish the connection between your home WiFi system and the AL-KO Smart Cloud. And you're done!

Harness the full digital potential of our sophisticated and powerful system – made easy thanks to the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden app and our Smart Cloud. Here are some of the key features:

Smart Gardening | Nickname

Use a nickname

Add your Robolinho® Wto your app and define a 'nickname' for it. Some of our favourites for your inspiration: Robby, *Mow* Salah, MÄHgan Markle, Bruno or Sir Chopalot

Smart Gardening | Voice Control

Voice control*

Control your Robolinho® "hands-free" hands-free using its nickname, add it to task groups and routines, query its status, and easily manage its operation times and other properties by voice command..

* Connection to the AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening | Configure and operate

Configure and operate

Operate the Robolinho® W from anywhere with ease using the app, and easily configure lawnmowing times, the rain sensor, eco mode, starting points and more.

Smart Gardening | Servicing and repairs

Smart servicing and repairs*

The Robolinho® W's error reports can be sent to the dealer using the app so that remote support can be provided (similar to reading the fault memory in a car).

* Connection to the AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening | AL-KO Robolinho  share feature

The Robolinho® "share" feature*

The Robolinho® W also has a "share" feature, either for when you're going on holiday and want to share it with family or a neighbour or if you need it service.

* Connection to the AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening | Stay informed with the AL-KO inTouch App

Stay informed at all times*

The Robolinho® W reports its status to the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden app and immediately provides guidance when your input is needed – through push notifications if desired.

* Connection to the AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening | Integration


Using the If This Then That (IFTTT) service, you can easily connect your appliance to other devices and services and automate and control them. And this even works for multiple different services – for example: Synchronise your Robolinho®'s activities with a range of different IFTTT services, e.g. the weather service (do not mow the lawn during a storm), an irrigation service (only mow when the lawn isn't being watered) or even sensors such as cameras or presence detectors (do not mow if there's someone on the patio). Or follow what your Robolinho® is doing using your online calendar.

* Connection to the AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening | Updates

Updates: Keeping your appliance fresh*

With our software updates, you can keep your Robolinho® W up to date at all times and benefit from new and improved features.

* Connection to the AL-KO Smart Cloud required

Smart Gardening | Security

Security fit for the future

You can rest assured that the transfer of data between the Robolinho® W, the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden app and the AL-KO Smart Cloud is absolutely secure and is compliant with the most stringent statutory data protection standards. All data transfer is in encrypted form, and the cloud data is hosted in Europe. None of the AL-KO gardening tools has a camera or microphone, so your privacy at home is secure and protected.

Smart Gardening | New feature

Coming soon

Now you are able to integrate your Robolinho® W with your Google Home or Google Assistant, letting you customise, operate and keep track of your robot just like with Amazon Alexa.

Robolinho®, take a break now!

Keeping your hands free for life's important things

Smart Gardening | Focus on the important things

In many situations you may have your hands full or be pressed for time. Thankfully your diligent Robolinho® W can be used easily by voice command via Amazon Alexa. Simply say the command and your robot can start mowing the lawn, take a break, go back to the base station and complete a range of other everyday tasks. This way, you'll have more time to focus on more important things.

Alexa! Ask AL-KO how the Robolinho® is doing.
General status query
Your Robolinho® is in really good shape! It has 72 per cent battery life, it's currently mowing the lawn, and its current task has another 37 minutes to go.
General status query
Alexa! Tell AL-KO that the Robolinho® can go home now.
Sending back to base station
Sending the Robolinho® home.
Sending back to base station
Alexa! Tell AL-KO to start the Robolinho® now / to send it on a break.
Starting/stopping the Robolinho®.
Alexa! Tell AL-KO that the Robolinho® should mow the lawn on Mondays at 10 a.m. for two hours.
Setting lawnmowing times
Lawnmowing time set for Monday at 10 a.m. for 120 minutes.
Setting lawnmowing times

Even Smarter Gardening thanks to the AL-KO inTouch Smart Garden App

A Must-Have for every garden owner

Smart Gardening | AL-KO inTouch App

In 2020, there will be even more features and intelligent options introduced to make your garden easier:

Smart Gardening | Scan the barcode

Pair an AL-KO device in the app

To add a device, simply scan the barcode on the box or sales receipt using the inTOUCH app – the smart way of registering your product.

Smart Gardening | AL-KO garden care tips

Garden care tips

Smart Gardening | FAQ

View appliance specific FAQs right from the app

Smart Gardening | Easy access to the AL-KO web shop

Easy access to the AL-KO web shop

Smart Gardening |  Care and usage tips

Specific care and usage tips for your appliance

Smart Gardening | AL-KO accessories and spare parts

Find the right accessories and spare parts in no time

Smart Gardening | AL-KO warranty extension

Convenient warranty extension

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